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Silicon Valley Polo Club

We were invited to visit the Silicon Valley Polo Club in Gilroy to watch them play some real horse polo. It was amazing to see the skill level needed to ride a galloping horse down the field and strike the ball.

After the horse polo match we gave them a short demo of Segway Polo and then let them try out the Segways. Within a few minutes the polo players were involved in a fun but competitive game of Segway Polo! While they were playing a few of the Segway Polo players got to try hitting a ball from the back of a horse - a completely different experience that increases your appreciation of the game.

When the game wrapped up we had a great barbecue and spent time talking with the club members. They seemed to enjoy playing polo on the Segway and we enjoyed watching them play - horse polo and Segway polo.

Horses... and Segways... waiting to play


Horse Polo

The Silicon Valley Polo Club played a warm-up match for their tournament the following day.

Horse polo is a very physical game with lots of pushing (horses and riders) and jockeying for position.




Not to mention extremely fast paced!


Segway Polo

The Silicon Valley Polo Club members take a shot at Segway Polo


The folks from the Silicon Valley Polo Club had a good time getting on the Segways and playing some polo. It took them a few minutes to get the hang of the Segway but after that their skill with the mallets and their years of playing polo really showed. They scored quite a few goals and it was obvious they could give us a better run for our money on Segways than we ever could give them on horses.


Our Turn

Derek "The Natural" DiCarlo takes a shot at
hitting the ball.

Alex Ko takes his turn.

Jon Bauer is ready to go.

Paul Costa takes a shot at the ball.



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