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Segway Polo has become so popular (people love it or hate it) that we've created a page dedicated to it. You can find everything Segway Polo there.
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Check out our newest section on Bay Area Gliding. We hope to provide lots of good information about what to do and how to do it in the Bay Area, on a Segway.


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Danville 4th of July Parade - Our Second Year!

Past Events

1st Annual Segway Haiku Contest Results: July 17th to August 31st, 2007

Bay Area SEG member Victor Miller created this contest to fill what he felt was the sorely missed Poet Laureate position for Bay Area SEG. Despite what it looks like an impartial judge selected the winner.


Steve Wozniak

Unseen crack, feel pain

Hear loud scream, smell blood, taste dirt,

Five senses, sweet dreams


Amy Tan

We made TV news:

Is Segway polo cookin’?

Or just for fried brains?


Jonathan van Clute





Annie Boulet Norville

We glide therefore we

Wannabe haiku authors

Prolly splat on both


Lina Akkad

The best creation

Everyone should have Segways

The Segway rules all


Elisa Brunette

On isle of halos

Sapphire elements surround

Whirling wheels gyrate



“Frequently Asked Questions”

What is that thing called?

Is it easy to balance?

How fast can it go?

“Frequently Answered Questions”

It’s called a Segway

The balance is effortless

Twelve miles an hour


Emily Wilcox

Kamen disses Kerr.

Ikea kicks out Nelda.

Smiley icon frowns.


Jon Bauer

Vic on goal, Woz is poaching

Stu’s on rules & George is “coaching”

Tahoe Glide: August 9th & 10th, 2007
A few members of Bay Area SEG participated in a glide at beautiful Lake Tahoe. Everyone had fun - maybe it will become an annual event?

Alameda July 4th Parade: July 4th, 2007
Alameda July 4th Parade Members of Bay Area SEG will be riding in the parade in support of Alameda Family Services. Meet no later than 9am on Lincoln Avenue, between Walnut and Willow Street. The only vehicles that will be allowed on Lincoln Avenue are the ones in the parade so people need to park elsewhere. Come on out and show your support.

San Jose Glide: July 22nd, 2007
A fun glide around downtown San Jose's River Park.

San Francisco's 22nd Polo in the Park: September 17th, 2006
The Silicon Valley Aftershocks held off the Oakland Junkyard Dogs for a 3-0 win. This was our second year playing at this great event. It was a beautiful day of horse polo and other horse related activities. We look forward to next year.

Sausalito Glide: August 5th, 2006
A beautiful ride through Sausalito and then lunch. A perfect day on the Segway and off.

Danville 4th of July Parade: July 4, 2006
For the second year in a row Bay Area SEG participated in Danville's excellent 4th of July Parade. We had a lot of fun, answered some questions and just enjoyed the day.

Bay Area SEG Presents Polo at the Maker Fair: April 22 - 23, 2006
We had the opportunity to demo Segway HT Polo at the Maker Faire in San Mateo. It was a great experience. The faire was a big success and polo received a lot of attention and enthusiasm.

S.F. Zoo Glide II: March 18th , 2006
The San Francisco Zoo graciously agreed to give us another Segway tour of the Zoo. Everyone had a great time and the animals sure had some interesting reactions to the Segways. We are planning on making this an annual event (at least).

February 15th to 24th, 2006
The Bay Area SEG's Segway HT Polo team, The Silicon Valley Aftershocks, and the newly formed New Zealand Pole Blacks played the 1st Segway HT Polo Games of 2006. The result was a 2-2 tie. See our Segway HT Polo page or for more info.

Silicon Valley Polo Club: August 13, 2005
Bay Area SEG visited the Silicon Valley Polo Club in Gilroy. We watched them play horse polo and gave them a demo of Segway polo. Take a look at our report on the event here.

Danville 4th of July Parade: July 4, 2005
Some Bay Area SEG members rode in Danville's parade. It was a big success - they won Best Specialty Vehicle Entry! See some pics here (pdf 4.4MB).

Cal Berkeley Glide: June 4, 2005
10 Bay Area SEG members rode around the beautiful Cal Berkeley Campus

Fisherman's Wharf Glide: April 9, 2005
7 Bay Area SEG members went on a guided Segway Tour of Fisherman's Wharf by San Francisco Electric Tour Company.

FIRST Event: March 26, 2005
Gave demo rides to VIPs and volunteers at US FIRST Silicon Valley Regional.

Emeryville-Berkeley Bay Trail Glide: November 26, 2004
Great glide to sake tasting and lunch.

SF Zoo Glide I: August 21, 2004
24 Segways at the San Francisco Zoo (see picture above) for a private tour of the park.

Segway of the East Bay- Ride and Glide Event: July 31, 2004
Grand Opening celebration at the new Segway dealership in Livermore, CA.

FIRST Event: April 3, 2004
Gave demo rides to the US FIRST Robotics teams.

Pacifica Glide: March 7, 2004
Great glide by the ocean.

Crystal Springs/Sawyer Camp Trail Glide: November 9, 2003
Beautiful ride on the Sawyer Camp Trail.

Tiburon Glide: October 19, 2003
Segways on the Ferry-- to Tiburon and back!

Golden Gate Park Glide: October 5, 2003
A Sunday stroll through the park, down JKF drive.

FIRST Group Meeting (literally): Sept 20, 2003
Our first Bay Area SEG meeting at the California Games US FIRST Robotics Competition.

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